Bowling Club🎳

One thing I love most about my husband (aside from his huge heart and infectious smile) is that he’s always teaching me something whether he realizes it or not. In other words, I’m always learning from him. 

Recently, I decided to act like I live in Philadelphia. By that I mean, trying to be more social and make friends. Previously, I was reluctant because (in my head) we weren’t staying. Getting back to New York had always been my goal and all roads led there. But lately, I’ve done a little growing and realized that I can make myself happy wherever ever I (and hubby and Carmen🐱) am.

I’m at a bowling alley. This summer, my husband picked a bowling league to participate in. He’s very social. Life of the party. An extrovert for real. As his introverted NY wife, I cheer him on, but also admire his ability to connect and be seen. Every summer he participates in a different social group activity. For the last few summers, soft ball was the activity. I certainly didn’t mind. I like being outside.

I’ve recently been trying to get back into things I enjoy doing and make some new friends (sorry Aubrey). With my core friend group in NY and NY adjacent (🙋🏾Chi town), it’s clear that I need to branch out and make some friends…here. Now, I do have two organic friends here (organic: I made them on my own), but other than that, everyone I know is through my husband.

With that said, this summer I’m embarking on a journey (I’m so indifferent to the word ‘journey’). Branch out, make friends, and come out of my shell. My inner extrovert will be thrilled, I’m sure.


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