3 Reasons Why I Haven’t Been Writing

Okay, so I’ve been adulting hard core and not been devoting the time to my blog. I’m sorry. Can’t say it won’t happen again though. All I can do is try.

Here’s some #morelife for your head top:

  1. I feel like we never really get the hang of adulting, plus I’m perpetually in a glass box of emotions. SO I decided to talk to an objective party to help me sort these feelings out and cope (Disclaimer: I don’t subscribe to the narrative that therapy is not for (insert race, ethnicity, gender…) people, or that “I’m just emotional because I’m a woman”, or anything that will invalidate my feelings. They’re mine and I will deal with them how EYE see fit).
  2. I got into grad school!! I have an overwhelming feeling of ‘Yaaasssssss’ and ‘FML’ (which I hear is an accurate description of grad school so…yeah). I’m so proud of myself because it’s something I’ve been on the fence about for years. I haven’t decided if/how I’m going to document the process. Just know that if I’m MIA again….I’m somewhere underneath a stack of books.
  3. Tomorrow, I will be in JAPAN! The first of many trips my husband and I will be taking before we surrender to parenthood.  Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka across nine days. To say that I‘m hype, is the ultimate understatement. I will (try to) document the trip as much as possible to share on here. I guess I can kinda make that a thing…right?  JAPAN! I can’t believe it. I’ve been packed for a week.6-Tokyo

So yeah, I’ve been doing stuff. Be back soon with pics from Tokyo!

dionna camille


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