Going to the Chapel…

When I was younger one of my heavy rotation movies was Father of the Bride. I loved George Banks (Steve Martin) and it was a funny movie of how stressful and expensive planning his daughter’s wedding was.


After a near nervous breakdown and everyone being mad at him, he got it together and was happy his daughter was happy. The takeaway as an adult…..Planning a wedding is stressful.

Correction…planning a wedding by yourself is stressful. Anyone who says otherwise either enjoys fielding a million and one questions OR is blessed to live in the same city as those offering help. I like to believe that I was taking this process in stride. I secured the major keys pretty early in the game such as ceremony space, reception venue, wedding dress. I did my research, knew more or less what I wanted, and had realistic expectations (the way my account is set up…). Shortly following my engagement I started following all of the wedding websites and social media pages, just like millions of other women. I reveled at all of the inspiration for all facets of the process: wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses, ceremony and reception decor, thing you MUST have at your wedding, how to give your guest the most memorable time, blah, blah blah….before I knew it, I was inundated with all things wedding, but that was normal, right?

Of course I wanted a beautiful wedding (which it was going to be regardless *grabs air*), but my goal was to not allow my bridesmaids (or myself and fiance) to go broke over this. I was steadily checking things off my never-ending list and was feeling great. My bridal shower and bachelorette weekend were SO BEYOND what I could have imagined for myself (I luh my team).

teamStill reeling from my events, the 30 day mark was looming and stress hit like a brick! I got pinged by all of the websites a push notifications I set up early int he game with lists of things that should be done, the need to be done if they aren’t, and things that just won’t be done if not already. I also had my own list staring my down. I exploded. When I’m stressed, angry, or extremely frustrated..I cry and I hate it. That put some people on notice, especially my fiance.

Hi, my name is Dionna, and I have a problem asking for help.


The things on my list were not necessarily things that others could help with, my fiance and I had to sit down and make some decision. I gave my fiance a list of things to take off my plate. I also fake delegated some tasks. several check-in emails and meetings with vendors, I started to feel much better.

Something else helped tremendously. I wrote my vows. Inspired by a song that captures how I feel about my guy. It was very calming. It centered me and brought my focus back to where it needed to be. I’m marrying a man who has literally been opening doors for me since 2004. He is my best friend and the only person who will toe wop with me anytime, anyplace, no questions asked!<3


Initially, I felt foolish for getting so stressed and didn’t want to write about it, but I 100% don’t anymore. This is a major life event. Sue me for wanting it to go smoothly. All in all we are 21 days away, my list is damn near complete, and I’m breathing just fine.

Can someone check on me the day of….?

dionna camille


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