t h i r t y

Saturday was my 30th birthday. I planned to go to the gym every day leading up to my birthday, because clearly that’s what being 30 is all about. Going to the gym when you say you will, right? That didn’t happen. But 30 isn’t about dwelling on the things you didn’t get a chance to do. It’s focusing on what you’re doing and making the time for what’s important to you.

What did happen was an overwhelming out pour of love from my friends and family. There were CATS involved. Brunch, bottles, and the people I love the most.


I’ve been waiting all my life for thissssss! 🦁🐱🐯#yalldontevenknow#onmymomma #lowkeytheatergeek #Leoseason


Embracing t h i r t y with all I have. I couldn’t have asked for more! They made my 30th so special. 😘🦁👑💃🏾🎉 S/o to my Captain😍 • Vintage captures courtesy of Elle • Thank you all for the birthday wishes 💗

In the day(s) after the big three oh, I’m settling into  1) how absolutely normal I feel, 2) hype that I’ve accomplished most of what I set out to during my 29th year and 3) I’m pretty confident that  this “ fork in the road” feeling is normal (we’ll explore more of that in later posts).

Last year, I made a brief list of some things I wanted to accomplish in my 29th year. Let me check some things off…

Road Test – Not only did I pass my road test (third time really was the charm), but I got a car! His name is Marvin. Driving feels like flying. Independence. Driving means no longer being a slave to public transportation. Driving = Target 🙂

Hobbies – Driving opened up more options for getting around, doing what I like to do, and trying new things. I’ve been able to get to the African dance class I love in West Philly. I know, West Philly isn’t far (depending on what part of the city you’re in), but when you’re relying on public transportation, a quick trip can e a s i l y turn into a 40 minute commute. I can get to any dance class I find now. I’m sticking with African dance, I found a tap class that starts in the fall. I think I want to try once of those “dancing in heels” type classes.

Weight – Okay so here’s the thing about weight loss…I’ve never been small. Smaller, yes. Small, certainly not. During the month of April, my fiancé and I tried the Super Shred.  Long story short, your meals are timed and restricted to certain portion sizes. The times and portion size change over the course of four weeks. We stuck to it and definitely saw a change. That matched with the gym and I was feeling great! Then I went to Austin for a week. BBQ and whiskey sabotage. While I could have done the shred again, (I still might), I’m comfortable with eating right, working out consistently (I try), and praying that sweet baby Jesus blesses me with the snap-back when I have a child.

Wasting my time – I try extremely hard not to do anything I don’t want to do or things I don’t enjoy. Things happen and sometimes you have to show up because it’s the right thing to do or to support someone you care about…I get it. I’m working on it, but let’s just say I’m still making adjustments.

Those are just a few of the things that I accomplished last year. I’m 30 and focused. I have goals that I’m not sure I want to disclose just yet…but I’m confident I’ll figure it out. What I will do is be more consistent with this blog. I talk to myself daily. About everything. I might as well form some complete thoughts and add a little punctuation. I’ll be writing more, so hopefully you like it.


PS.: I’m getting married in 60 days, my dress fitting is in two days. I’m what the kids call, lit!



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