T w e n t y N i n e

As the smoke clears on an amazing birthday weekend (thanks to my fiancé), I took the time reflect on what this 29th year of life will be. What I want out of it and what I plan to put into it. My list is ever-changing, but I wanted to put some of these things into the atmosphere to get the ball rolling.

29.1 Pass my road test (get my driver’s license)

While I revel in the fact that people respond to this knowledge with “No license? You’re such a New Yorker”…I’m an adult and I need to drive. I have to reclaim that tiny bit of lost independent from being on someone else’s schedule or stuck in place because “my ride” isn’t ready. I will practice my parallel parking and pass my road test.

29.2 Find and commit to a weight loss regime

I’ll spare you the sob story (because there isn’t one). I used to be smaller and I want to be smaller again. Plus, I’m getting married next year and, simply put, I WILL SLAY! I’m taking my health and fitness more seriously with hopes that the pounds will shed and the six-pack will emerge.

29.3 Give back consistently (volunteer)

I donate to Goodwill and the occasional homeless/hungry person on the street, but I want to do more. I want to contribute to someone getting their life back on track, or filling their belly on a weekly basis or helping a woman who can’t afford clothes for an interview pick out the best fit for the job. I may even bite the bullet and become a Girl Scout Leader…..but that’s TBD. If anyone one knows of volunteer opportunities in the Philadelphia area, please let me know!

29.4 Don’t waste MY time.

This is something I began a couple of years ago, but have decided to fully committed to it in my 29th year. No longer am I going where I don’t want to go, talking to people I don’t want to talk to, being at events that bore me, putting money into things I don’t fully support, etc. My time is precious and more importantly, it’s mine. Outside of the obligatory job and family functions, you won’t catch me anywhere I don’t really want to be or with any one I don’t really want to be around. It’s as simple as that (sometimes).

29.5 Foster my hobbies

I used to dance, I was a Girl Scout, I took photography, and I read tons of books. These were all things that I enjoyed doing and participated in frequently. As I grew older, I’ve incorporated other hobbies into my routine, but I would like to get back to my basics. This summer my goal of reading one book a month goal is going strong and will continue into the Fall. I am desperately searching for a dance class/studio that is convenient for me to get to (see 29.1). Thanks to my fiance, I will be diving back into photography classes this in a few months. I haven’t quite figured out how to be a Girl Scout again. I may be able to tie that into volunteering. My church doesn’t have a troop and I have been toying with the idea of starting one, we’ll see

Here’s to 29! I’m walking into it with confidence, a sense of self and a regal stance.



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