You Too Can Have A Career!

What’s your plan?

My plan?

Like, would you go back to [insert job]?

I enjoyed it, but could I really move up to be a boss?

You want to be a boss?


As vulnerable as this conversation makes me sound, I KNOW I’m not alone. Despite everything the graduating class of 2008 has endured, I STILL believe that I (we) can find something I (we) love doing and get paid for it. I know it’s possible because many of us have already done it.

That was a conversation I had with a friend that made me realize…I need to get my shit together (for lack of a better term). That and the fact that I’ll be 29 next month. I am seven years post college and I would like to figure out my true career path. Sure, I have hobbies and things that I enjoy doing. I haven’t been able to magically merge the two together yet.

That’s all.



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