I have a core group of friends. They all entered at different time, serve different purposes in my life and all have a special part of my heart. As we move through life (from elementary school, college and beyond) and become the women we want to be, I often wonder how certain things will reshape our friendships?

We’ve rallied around each other in times of joy and loss, and I pray that doesn’t change. Maybe I’m “in my feelings” because I am getting married next year and don’t know how that will reshape things (if it has not already).

I subscribe to a YouTuber named Vicky Logan. She posted a video (part of her #VickyVibes series) about friendship solutions. I think the things mentioned in her video are things to keep in mind. Especially when dealing with friendships that have grown with you and you intend to keep forever.

Has anyone ever had small rifts in their friendships due to growing pains?



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