Never on Schedule, but Always on Time?

“I think I just have the gene that keeps me from being on time….” – subway rider

I have a gripe with people being late. My grandmother always taught me to be early or on time at the very least. I have always heard the term Colored People Time (better know as CP Time) and used to laugh it off. As I’ve gotten older and time has significantly increased in value, I’ve come to resent the phrase. I think it’s a stereotype that we DON’T have to live up to. One that some of us embrace or even lean on humorously but intentionally. Some people think it’s cute to ALWAYS be late.

To me, being late says:

I don’t care about anyone else’s time but my own and/or I don’t value the event (dinner, get together, wedding, baby shower) enough to properly plan ahead.

Sure, life happens and we can’t always be everywhere on time, but when you are an hour (OR MORE) late to a planned function without a simple explanation…..that’s just rude. Don’t be rude.

Note: many cultures have their own version of CP (e.g African time, Indian time, etc.), so this is not to say black people are the only people who are late…I’m just tired of us making it okay. ALSO,the clip is in jest, don’t take it too seriously 🙂



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