Baltimore is Screaming*

I don’t live in Baltimore. I am connected to that city. Past generations that are linked to me were there. Friends and family that I hold dear reside there. A city where the people who are hurting look like me, is my city.

Why did Freddie Gray die? How did his spinal injury happen? Why? Why isn’t anyone answering these questions? When you ask a direct question and get no answer, you get angry. Baltimore is angry. When you ask questions and you repeatedly get the wrong answer, you get angry. Ferguson is angry. Long Island is angry. Cleveland is angry. Chicago is angry.

I have unfollowed a few Facebook friends. I’m sure I’ve lost a few too. But knowing that my brother or fiancĂ© or the little baby boy that I may one day have could leave the house one day never to return, and there aren’t any answers to my questions…..that makes me angry.

*The media’s coverage of what is going on in Baltimore is deplorable. Here are a couple of jlinks to give you all a less one sided view.

10,000 Strong Peacefully Protest in Downtown Baltimore

Orioles COO Offers Eye-Opening Perspective on Baltimore Protests


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