Part-time Rant

My friend and I just got off the phone. She was one of my roommates in college, so that isn’t unusual, but this conversation was very interesting. Both toting college degrees from Temple University we find ourselves is a similar situation (her in NYC and me in Philly).

We both have full-time jobs and are making strides in life (I just moved in to another apt with my fiancé while planning a wedding, she is about to move on her own and begin to build with her boyfriend). We want to travel, have a nice amount of money to play with once the bills (and Sallie Mae) are paid and mostly we want to save. Solution: part-time job.

She called for advice about whether asking for more than the proposed hourly rate was realistic. Gone are the days where $10/hr is excitement worthy. After paying for her education and working a salaried position, it’s almost laughable.

I haven’t really given my two cents on all that’s happening with minimum wage and I don’t really plan to right now, but this put things into perspective for me because I too am looking for a part-time job. And while I only plan for it to supplement my regular income, I still feel like i deserve something worth my time. Going to college as my friend put it “was supposed to give us the right to be choosy about what jobs we take”. I agree, but as members of the graduating class of 2008 we know that’s not always the case.

So the question remains…How do I stay realistic about seeking a part-time job and not feel like I’m wasting my time four nights a week and every other weekend?

dionna camille


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